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Our Commitment to the Environment

Safeguarding the environment is a constant priority for Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco. The layout of the production unit, the cogeneration plant and treatment systems of toluene emissions – which are virtually nonexistent - have been designed for maximum environmental compatibility. The methane-operated cogeneration plant makes it possible autonomously to produce electrical power, re-use surplus energy, and recover the steam used to run heating and cooling systems.

Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco excel in eco-compatibility, even in the recovery of toluene, a solvent contained in ink. This innovative closed-circuit technology makes it possible to recover a greatest quantity of toluene, thereby dramatically reducing residual emissions into the atmosphere, the working environment and the product. Thus, the emission levels registered by Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco are well below the strict European parameters.

In addition, Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco are FSC® / COC and PEFC / COC certified. These certifications are designed to provide a credible guarantee to customers, that products which are sold with a specified FSC® or PEFC certificate code are originated from well-managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials or a mixture of these. They thereby facilitate the transparent flow of goods made from such materials through the supply chain.

The use of paper with the FSC® or PEFC certification contributes to the protection of forest resources, biodiversity and combating deforestation in a clear commitment from the group to progress.

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Corporate responsibility/Environment:

As a business, we are aware of our responsibilities toward the environment. For this reason – together with employees and in dialog with our various stakeholders – Rotocobrhi & Eurohueco strive to use natural resources sparingly and efficiently, and to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. This is part of the Group’s overall efforts to minimize the environmental impact of its production, businesses and distribution processes

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